RF Adapter Collection

RF Adapters

Dosin provides a comprehensive selection of RF adapters that cater to various radio frequency needs. Our RF adapters are equipped with standard interfaces, both in-between series and in-series configurations, to accommodate a diverse range of applications.

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RF Adapter Types

4.3/10 Adapters

7/16 Adapters

BNC Adapters

F Adapters

FME Adapters

IPEX Adapters

MCX Adapters

Mini UHF Adapters

MMCX Adapters

N Adapters

PAL Adapters

QMA Adapters

RCA Adapters

SMA Adapters

SMB Adapters

SMP Adapters

TNC Adapters

UHF Adapters


Straight Adapters

Right Angle Adapters

T type

Tee Adapters